For every DJ, there are fans and there are haters. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Here’s both sides of what went down on the Fei Fei + ASOT550 controversy and here’s an article showing the facebook debate.

What did you think about Fei Fei’s set on A State of Trance 550?

This is y I don’t like trance anymore, esp tranceheads. Most r just whiny little bitches that need to get off their high pedestal and stfu abt genres of music they don’t like, esp dubstep. It’s not like u don’t have feet and was forced to stay there. Also, Armin and fei fei don’t give two shits abt wut u idiots think. Look at where u r and look at where fei fei is. Get on her level before even thinking that ur opinion fucking matters.

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  1. flowinfinity answered: Word
  2. disciplesoftrance answered: I’m not sure why she was selected for ASOT 550. It would be more aproprate to ask SHM to play there or anyone who does a 4beat of some sort..
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    I dont under stand what the problem was. All of the DJs didnt stick to their “Specified Genre” everyone mixed it up,...
  4. poemsmeop answered: I like waffles
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    Rude comments are never called for.. but come on. She played heavy.. heavy dubstep at A State of TRANCE. I’m not bashing...
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    I missed her set but I love her, she’s incredibly talented and strong.
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  8. blissfuladdict answered: Who gives a shit music is music right, dont like it move on to the next.
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    Fei-Fei is the shit. That’s why i say fuck that #trancefamily people. there’s plenty of djs who play house/trance/dub in...
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    i saw tons of hate towards her as well and i think it’s just bullshit. Remember that Armin himself picked her and knew...
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    Seriously. I understand that it was a Trance event, but all those rude comments were just so uncalled for.
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    Damn it looks like I missed the hardest hitting, most controversial, most hated set at Beyond. Note taken: find Fei...
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  16. gobacktothewild answered: The fact that people are THAT upset to spew such hateful words really makes me worry for the scene. Aren’t we all supposed to love eachother?
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    I thought it was great and she was passionate and awesome. Fuckin’ haters make ravers look so bad. Most of them hate her...
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    Damn, shit got heated real fast yesterday. Read the article; just looks like the same old things that happen on any FB...
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  23. knightberen answered: SERIOUSLY Gareth Emery played other shit too and he didn’t get any crap. Talk about a double standard
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    so this is the status of trance lol. that’s why i don’t like so much trance anymore.
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    Damn, reading this makes me sad. Saw her live at Heat, so yeah, she plays a BUNCH of different genres. People can get so...
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    Honestly, real ravers/ragers are in it for a good time&good vibes. I wasn’t there for Fei fei’s set, but I listened to...
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    I wasn’t able to listen to her set at the time, but seriously wtf…. don’t like what you are hearing, go to another stage...
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    I do align myself with trancefamily but I DO respect other styles and artists for their genre of music. Seriously though...
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    damn those facebook comments shown in the article are so rude..
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  33. mgcortes answered: I honestly think her set was straight fire..I loved it. There was much more variety and less trance but i like that it was unique to ASOT
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